PMAC - Early 20 Hundreds

Coming back from a long hiatus and here to stay. Go tell your friends!

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Its finally here. I present to you my first mixtape. Hope yall enjoy it, slap it in your ipods, bump it in your car, share it, reblog, whatever. Love yall

Click the picture, or download HERE for the mixtape

Download This Shit!

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Adrian Per • Epitome of Broke ft. RGLND • 829 plays


Adrian Per - Epitome of Broke ft. RGLND

Download HERE

Here’s the first single/preview of my mixtape #ADRIANPER. Hope yall enjoy it, clap this shit in your car, ipod, laptop, club, or whatever. Yall are the shit. My project drops July 4th. Yee!

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A broke bitch, that’s that shit I don’t like!

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Bake - Pmac (Official Music Video)

Young Schwab Mafucka it’s Return Of The Mac

Check out my new song/music video and bump that shit!

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Bake - Pmac (Official Music Video)

Young Schwab Mafucka it’s Return Of The Mac

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Paolo Valera • Westside Cover • 489 plays



New Cover! Changed up my style a little bit for this one, but hope yall enjoy!

TQ- Westside

Recorded by Adrian Per. @omgadrian

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Paolo y’ Paolo

West Side

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Have you ever made beats on a plane? (Kanye Voice)

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KABA2 - Episode 3: Cypher! (featuring Pmac and Adrian Per)

Check out this video me and @pmacalac are featured in! Haha watch us try to act! Im no actor man..

I need me an Oscar off of this! No one plays the role of Pmac better than Pmac!

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This that dope shit @omgadrian X @jensuki



JENI x Adrian Per // Only Wanna Give It To You (Elle Varner cover)

Here’s a new youtube video. Had fun with this one! Haight street for y’all! Woot.


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Adrian Per
Youtube  /  Twitter   /  Tumblr

Hope you guys enjoy it! Feel free to reblog and share it ;-)


Swaggin it out on Haight street! Peep it!

More than a new pair of shoes!

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